What Is Alcohol Abuse?

It is also known as alcohol misuse. It’s a habit of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. It disrupts your everyday life. If you consume excessive amounts of alcohol at a given time or over a week, it could be a sign that you are abusing alcohol. Drinking can also cause harm to your relationships. It can affect your ability to work, as well as other aspects of your life.

Alcohol abuse can lead you to alcoholism. This is a condition where alcoholism is a physical dependency on alcohol. Alcohol poisoning can also result from drinking too much alcohol. A 12-ounce bottle or more of beer, a 5-ounce glass or more of wine, and 1.5 ounces or more of 80-proof spirits (such as whiskey or rum) is an alcoholic beverages.

Your Hands Are Shaking

Other factors can affect your health as well. It can also cause Cirrhosis which is a liver disease. If you consume alcohol during pregnancy, it can be harmful to your baby’s overall health. It can lead to a bleeding ulcer, and it can irritate your stomach’s lining. It can also cause weight gain, dizziness, nausea, bad breath, skin breakouts, and even make you feel sick.

What Causes Alcohol Abuse?

Many reasons can lead to alcohol abuse. This may be due to stress, social pressure, a desire for relaxation, anxiety, depression, tension, or loneliness, as well as a family history of alcohol abuse.

How Can Alcohol Abuse Be Diagnosed?

People who abuse alcohol often hear from their family and friends that there is a problem. Doctors usually believe that someone is abusing alcohol if:

  • Drinking can cause you to lose your job, home, and school responsibilities.
  • Drinking can put someone or yourself in danger.
  • It can cause legal problems.
  • It can damage your relationships.

Is It Possible To Stop Or Avoid Alcohol Abuse?

A family history of alcoholism or abuse may mean that you will need to resist or limit alcohol. You can also reduce your alcohol intake by using these other methods:

  • Limit your intake to one drink if you are alone or with friends.
  • For underlying mental health issues, seek treatment.
  • Avoid spending time around people who abuse alcohol.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

First, recognize that you are the one who is suffering from alcohol addiction. Many studies show people who abuse alcohol can benefit from some type of treatment. Every person is unique. Many treatments work differently for each person. The quicker a person seeks treatment the better.

Alcohol abuse can be treated with behavioral therapy or by medical detox. This can be in the form of counseling, support groups, or a combination. Some prescription medications can help with alcohol abuse. Side effects can occur as with any medication.

You must follow the treatment once you have found the right treatment for you. It’s important to avoid situations that involve alcohol.

Living With Alcohol Abuse

Knowing what triggers you to drink is essential for anyone who suffers from alcohol abuse. You will find it more difficult to live with people who drink. Perhaps you’re feeling stressed or unhappy in your personal life. You don’t know anyone to talk to. You might turn to alcohol to help with your stress.

It will be difficult to live with alcohol abuse if you don’t recognize you need help. This will continue to put you at risk for your safety, your school or job, and your relationships.

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