How CBD Can Help In Your COVID-19 Condition?

Recent research on CBD has proved that it can help in improving our oxygen level and also reduce inflammation and other physical lung damage caused due to ARDS (Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome).

This new study could show various mechanisms behind all these results, and demonstrates that CBD can normalize our peptide levels, which can help to reduce inflammation. When a person is suffering from COVID-19 infection then peptide levels usually go low.

Although researchers are very clear that peptides can play an important role, but they cannot be very sure whether CBD will cure COVID-19.

While many researchers are of the opinion that the peptide has an important role, but all that cannot be attributed to CBD. The Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine have also published their results.

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Originally e-cigarettes were popularized as a device for quitting the smoking habit. They usually contain very few toxic chemicals as compared to ordinary cigarettes. Therefore, many people perceive it as one of the safer alternatives to smoking.

A few myths from fact

Claims are circulating online that regular vaping may threaten COVID-19 recovery more than even smoking. So, if you have already switched to vaping so that you can cut back on your smoking, then you must be wondering whether it will be safer to again go back to the old habit of smoking cigarettes now.

However, research around COVID-19 has not concluded anything so far and it is still emerging, and there is no concrete evidence available to suggest that the practice of vaping will be more harmful as compared to smoking.

There is however no ‘safe’ option

As such both vaping as well as smoking are to some extent harmful to our health, but now the larger issue will be to determine whether one may cause lesser harm than the other.

Your respiratory system will be affected by both smoking as well as vaping and both can affect your lungs. Also, both can make your immune system weak.

Potential drug interactions

For people who are undergoing various treatments from their COVID-19 with certain chronic health conditions, one more issue is that many are taking different drugs too. Quite a possibility that CBD can also interact negatively with them.

For many different medicines, CBD can also impact depending upon how much drug is circulating in the body.

Therefore, if you ever try using CBD vaping then you must always speak to your physician who is treating you before you take CBD.


We may still have to wait till more conclusive research results emerge before CBD is used as the means of active treatment for coronavirus. Whatever positive results that have been seen related to COVID-19 offers us a few good reasons to pin our hopes on CBD.

Therefore, the effect of CBD vaping on COVID-19 is still inconclusive at the moment and we have to keep our fingers crossed till we hear any positive news.

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