Close Correlation Between Lighting and Health – How Do Both Go Hand in Hand?

Lighting is an often-overlooked design element in many homes. In truth it’s the lighting that establishes the ambience and gives the finishing touch to a perfectly designed room. There is also much more to lighting than elevating the aesthetics of any space. Improper home lighting negatively impacts your health. Take extra care when planning the lighting of your home.

Negative health impacts of poor lighting:

Lighting and its direct association with a person’s health might come as a surprise for some. Lighting is a central element of interior designing. There are some rooms where you feel a strong positive energy aura. If you look keenly you may notice that the room is aptly illuminated which contributes to uplifting your mood. The harmful effects of poor lighting include:

  • Too little light causes eye strain and headache since a person has to strain their eyes extra to get their job done.
  • Interferes with a person’s work productivity thus resulting in higher levels of stress
  • Leads to injuries, slips and falls
  • Disrupt our sleep-wake cycles
  • Staying in gloomy lighting every day after sunset is bound to make a person feel depressed
  • Neck and back strain due to straining to see items in insufficiently lit places

Ways to design home lighting the right way to keep health issues at bay:

Amount of artificial lighting:

A room shouldn’t be poorly lit or too bright. Layer lights using ambient, accent and task lighting and turn them on depending on the time of the day. If you are looking for best quality lighting at manufacturing prices fixtures check out Sofary lighting at Browse through their vast catalogue and place your order.

Natural light:

Natural sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D, boosts release of endomorphism thus improving one’s mood, reduces blood pressure and benefits vision. Leave your curtains open during day and place mirrors strategically to reflect natural light. Waking up to sunlight every morning is good for your physical health, mind and skin.

Avoid going overboard with blue light:

Blue light affects your sleep patterns. Blue lights make a person feel energetic and are totally fine during the day. However, presence of blue lights in your bedroom and makes it difficult for a person to fall asleep leaving them tired the following day. Laptops and phones are also equipped with blue light.

Blend of warm and cool light:

Traditional tube lights emit cool light but you need a mix of warm and cool light to carry out all your day-to-day tasks smoothly. Diffused lighting highlights spider webs and dust particles make it easy to clean your home and keep it hygienic. Make sure there is no glare. You can opt for dimmers for your lighting fixtures to adjust the brightness intensity as per your preference.

Improper lighting damages one’s physical and mental health. Shun away from the old-fashioned lights that emit high UV radiation and has flicker issues. Purchase lighting fixtures only from reputed light companies and protect the health of your family.

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