Easy Tips to Mask the Smell of Weed

The main drawback of smoking weed is the smell. For some people it may be pleasant while for some it may not. With just one puff everyone will surely know the presence of a stoner. So, if you want to toke up discretely, you need to know how to hide the smell of marijuana. There are so many easy ways to do this and you can choose whichever style that suits.

Try Vaping

The biggest advantage of vaping is that, there won’t be the smell of smoke and the vapor is barely noticeable. You can also control the temperature and airflow. Vaporizers just extracts the cannabinoids instead of burning them. Vaporizers also offers the benefit of stealth vaping. They are easy to carry around and smoke discreetly.

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Use Mason Jars

If you are planning to store weed at home, it can be smelly. Instead of storing your stash in bags or any other type of containers that let the smell out, using mason jars can be the best option. Mason jars can keep the smell within itself while keeping the content fresh for longer time.

Use Sploof

Sploof is a device that you can easily make yourself at home. Roll some toilet paper or paper towel or use fabric that is soaked lightly in some fabric deodorizer and you are done. Use it to smoke through.

Wash Your Face

Washing your face and hands is always a good practice. It works as a cheap and effective method of getting rid of the smell of weed after smoking. You can even consider taking a shower after you toke to feel fresh.

If you have long hair just pull them back to avoid smoke getting attached to strands. You can loosen them once you are done with your smoking session.

Chewing gum and brushing your teeth after you toke is also a great idea to eliminate the weed smell from your breath.

Use Air Purifiers

As soon as you smoke, use air purifiers to eliminate the smell of weed. Burning natural incenses will also keep your space smell better. Laundry sheets can also be used as an air freshener and it is the inexpensive way to keep your room smell fresh. Lighting some scented candles will also do the job of dispelling the smell from your space.

Use Ventilated Area

As much as possible, try to choose well-ventilated area so that the smoke can easily escape instead of lingering around your furniture and room walls. Get some UV rays, that works effectively in keeping the odors away. If possible, try to get direct sunlight for at least 30 minutes.

Smoke in The Shower

Smoking in the shower helps dissipate the smell of weed. Turn your shower on and create clouds of steam. Don’t forget to turn the exhaust fan on, to suck the smoke out. If there is a crack under the door, you can stuff damp towel there to prevent smoke from escaping outside.

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