Proper winstrol Dosage and Avoiding Side Effects

Winstrol is known to provide a lot of benefits for its users. These benefits are mostly on gaining muscles and achieving the desired toned body. To achieve this, a proper winstrol cycle should be followed. One must understand how winstrol works, together with the proper dosage before using it. One should also be aware of the adverse reaction this drug may cause and how to properly address them.

Supports to Avoid the Side Effect

Before taking a Winstrol cycle, it is imperative that the supports have been prepared beforehand and is ready for use. Addressing possible side effects of using steroids should be one of the primary researches any user should read about.

Avoiding Hair Loss

There are several products that can help in avoiding hair loss. Hair loss is a common side effect of too much testosterone in the body. There are a variety of forms available to treat this problem such as cream, gels, shampoo and even pills. Make sure to research about the product fully before using them, some might contain estrogen and will counter with your steroid supplement.

Avoiding Joint Pains

The production of muscles should be partnered with the focus on the health of your bones. Joints are susceptible to much muscle damage because it bears the weight of the moving parts of the body. There are many pills and formulas to aid the muscle joints like knees, ankle, shoulder, and wrist. Popular ingredients are calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin which helps in bones and the joints.

Recommended Dosage

Winstrol is effective even without the heavy dosing that some drug needs. In the span of 4 weeks, changes in the body will be noticed, and slowly move to the desired body. The usual length of dosing is 4 to 6 weeks. However, this dosage can be used up to 8 weeks but should end there. Taking the steroid for more than 8 weeks can cause a higher risk for the side effect. When skipping a day, it is also recommended not to take double doses, just skip and continue the next day.

There are differences in the recommended dosage between men and women. Men starting dosage of 50mg per day. While women have a 5 mg dosage per day. Both this dosage has the same cycle span of 4 to 6 weeks. As this is the most common cycle dosage, many positive feedbacks can be read on the internet for this cycle. There is also the option of taking half the dosage, 25mg per day. This dosing is for those that want to try out the drug, but also wants to minimize the risk of the side effects.


Winstrol cycle is something that should be taken very seriously. The side effects when not used properly may cause your health. Determining what your body can handle by easing into the recommended dosage may be the safest and smartest method. Putting health and safety first is necessary when using drugs like this. Ensuring your health by researching is yet the most effective way possible. Winstrol can give amazing results and if dosed properly.

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