Select Your Right Types of Bongs from the Available Stuff

Experienced smokers will not find it difficult to select the right type of bongs for them, as they are aware about various bongs available.

There are bongs available in any local smokshop or if you prefer to buy from online stores then you may visit the website where you can find bongs of many different sizes, shapes, material and designs which can be overwhelming.

Bongs have been quite popular smoking methods since ages and they were used even by royalty during ancient times for smoking dry herbs. Plenty of things to consider while buying bongs and here in this article, we will help you to know about various kinds of bongs for your better understanding.

Different materials used for making bongs

    1. Glass

Glass offers number of advantages and hence it is most popular material used for bong. Glass is the cleanest material and offers purest taste. Being a transparent material, you can easily check gunk build-up.

However, glass will be an expensive choice.

    2. Plastic

Plastic has almost the same advantages that of glass and in addition to that it is not easily prone to break. You can easily carry a plastic bong while travelling outside. Also, it will be cheaper than glass.

However, plastic may influence the taste of smoke.

    3. Ceramic

Ceramic bongs are heavier than glass or plastic and also pretty fragile. Though ceramic bongs are available in many different sizes, shapes and colors as it is quite easy to deal with.

However, ceramic bongs are not a conventional type for daily usage, but can be a great choice for certain special occasion.

    4. Bamboo

Earlier versions of bongs were made from bamboo, which are simple, tubular designs. Bamboo is also extremely durable and hence it can be great choice for long-term use.

    5. Metal

Bongs made from metal are extremely rare though they may last longer and also available at affordable price. However, it can change real taste of your smoke and also it is difficult clean a metallic bong.

Different designs of bongs

    1. Straight tube

This is the simplest design which has just only a tube having a mouthpiece at one end, while the bowl is placed on the bottom. We can just say that straight tubes are pretty straight forward option.

    2. Beakers

These bongs are more stable since the base will be a bit larger. Beaker shaped bongs are available in many different sizes and they are just as simple to use as any straight tube bongs can be.

    3. Round base

These round base bongs usually are quite similar like beaker shaped bongs. Only difference is the shape at its base which is bit spherical in shape.

    4. Multi-chamber

With multiple chambers, smokers will get cooler and smoother hit. Because of difficulty in making these bongs, they are more expensive. Also, one must note that, how difficult they are to clean.

    5. Percolator

You can get percolators in all shapes and percolator will filter the smoke better. The percolator will also make smoke bubble through water, giving percolators their bubbling effect.

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